Press Release

January 1, 2024


Nothing seems to stay the same! 

Perhaps you have heard that expression.  Well, that rings true for Jay Dee; for the past 57 years our organization has been led by Jeff Scibetta. The time has come for him to ‘pass the torch’ to his son Jamin Scibetta.  Jamin will be supported by our team leaders, Cory Bowers, Ramona Stene, Robert Muniz, and Danette Scibetta who have been part of the company for many years.

Please know that our leadership team has the same commitment to your satisfaction of service that Jeff has devoted himself to for these past decades. Also, because we treasure his value and experience don’t be surprised if you see, or hear, from him occasionally.

“I have truly loved providing excellent services over the years to our clients.

To know that we at Jay Dee have responded and accomplished humble tasks

for so many is a testament to our successful organization and is a fulfillment

of my determination many years ago to serve others.”

  • Jeff Scibetta

Here’s to the next half century of Jay Dee Inc!  We look forward to working with you.