A tile replacement process can cost you a lot of money. Your floors always need replacement, especially when the tiles are worn out. The tile restoration process saves you more money. Most property owners replace tile and grout surfaces because of their bad odors and their inability to keep them clean. If you install tiles that require you to use harsh chemicals to clean them, they will destroy your floor over the years. These chemicals can also be harmful to your environment.

The SaniGLAZE tile flooring process is the best restoration process you can choose. SaniGLAZE process on your tile flooring offers extra protection for your existing floors and is environmentally friendly.

SaniGLAZE Tile Restoration Process

Your ceramic tiles are not usually the problem; rather, the grout that joins the surfaces is the problem. A SaniGLAZE system helps with tile and grout cleaning. It restores your existing floors to their original condition.

Maintenance is cheaper than replacing the whole floor. After SaniGLAZE, your floors are protected from contaminants, so you do not need to replace them. SaniGLAZE creates a non-porous seal that prevents these contaminants from penetrating your tile and grout surfaces.

What are some of the contaminants found on tile and grout surfaces?

One of the areas of maintenance you can greatly overlook is tile and grout cleaning. Over the years, dirt, bacteria, and mold pile up on tile and grout surfaces. This makes it even harder for you to get rid of these contaminants.

Mold and mold odors can pose many health hazards to you and your employees. Tile and grout surfaces can be contaminated with bacteria.

High-traffic areas such as hospitals, universities, and business facilities can benefit from the SaniGLAZE process. High-traffic areas are always flooded with people, so if you own such a facility, consider SaniGLAZE for your facility.

SaniGLAZE prevents the staining of your floor and bathroom walls over the years from moisture. SaniGLAZE will reduce the maintenance cost of your floors and bathroom walls.

Why is SaniGLAZE considered environmentally friendly?

The SaniGLAZE tile restoration process can help conserve and protect your environment. The cost of replacing the tile in your facility is very expensive. The SaniGLAZE restoration process will not only save you money but will also improve the flooring of your facility.

Recycled waste helps conserve natural resources

Old tile and grout removed from your facility by a replacement company will end up in a landfill somewhere.


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Reasons why you should choose SaniGLAZE tile restoration

SaniGLAZE seals porous materials, thus preventing moisture from penetrating inside your walls and floors.

Protects your facility from mold, mildew, and mold odors that cause health hazards.

SaniGLAZE is resistant to staining, so you have an easy time cleaning your floors.

SaniGLAZE also improves the overall outlook of your business facility.

The SaniGLAZE process is environmentally friendly. With SaniGLAZE, you do not need harsh chemicals to clean the facility.

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