Automotive Flooring in Colorado

Based on our experience, most mechanic shops want their concrete floors to be functional yet easy to clean. Some popular options available that provide simple functionality are solid color Epoxy or PolyAspartic. For a more decorative option, the addition of Vinyl Chips enhances the aesthetic appeal for automotive flooring.

Vinyl Chip

Vinyl Chips enhance the visual appeal of the floor. Additionally, these can increase traction and make dirt and contaminates less obvious, so your floor  is safer and appears cleaner longer.

Solid Color

Available in many different product lines with pricing to fit nearly all budget levels.

Concrete Floors

MMA is the fastest flooring system available. Made from Acrylic polymers, MMA floors are installed in layers that cure in 45-60 minutes. In certain circumstances, MMA floors can be installed in as little as one day. While the coating itself has a distinct odor, measures can be taken so that these are exhausted and disturbance to clients is minimal.

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