Natural Stone Restoration in Colorado

Has your natural stone lost its luster? Does it need a refresh? You need a Jay Dee consultation, let us help you restore your natural stone floors. Restoration is a process that can only be done by a professional stone restoration company like Jay Dee.
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About Natural Stone Restoration

Flagstone, granite, marble, slate, terrazzo and travertine.

We specialize in restoring worn stones to their original condition. Each natural stone floor is different and must be cared for in specific ways to restore the natural brilliance. Our technicians are experienced and understand what it takes to properly restore floors, by honing or polishing the floor to restore its natural beauty. Restoration of polished marble or natural stone involves the removal of scratches and/or damage from the surface of the stone by means of mechanical abrasion.

We specialize in restoring worn stones to their original condition. Our techniques restore hardness and the shine of your stone. It looks and performs even better than brand new, without the cost of replacement.

Benefits of natural stone restoration


Eliminate re-coating with waxes or sealers, saving you time and money. The application of a penetrating sealer closes the pores of the floor and thus keeping it cleaner during routine cleaning.


Improves slip resistance, creating a safer environment.


No need to replace existing floors! Save the time and money involved with removing and installing new floors.

Customer Satisfaction

After moving into our new home, we decided to have the garage floor coated to increase the concrete’s life span and enhance its appearance.  We noticed our neighbor’s garage floor had been coated and it was exactly what we were looking for.  After visiting with our neighbor, who had contracted with Jay Dee, taking a close look at his new floor, and learning about the product that was used; we decided Jay Dee was the company to contact and request a quote.  I was impressed with Cory’s responsiveness, keeping us updated through the entire process and making us feel important to them as a customer.  The crew arrived as promised and the work was completed in the timeline promised.  The new garage floor is amazing, cleans easy and looks beautiful.  If you are looking for a professional product and expert application, I would highly recommend Jay Dee Inc.


Homeowner, Parker, CO

We purchased these floors because the wax that had been used to refinish our floors previously was too soft. The titanium powder we use in our manufacturing process was grinding into that wax and causing the floors to turn black within just a couple months of refinishing. Since installing the InstaSHIELD, we have not seen ANY signs of powder being ground into the flooring after about 2 months. Cleaning spilled powder is now as simple as sweeping and our lab floors have remained relatively spotless. We have been very happy with the way the floor is performing. Thank you!

C. Monteath

Medical Office

Our tile and grout had become extremely difficult to clean because of ageing. All efforts of restoration met with minor success. We wanted our floors restored to their original "new" appearance. Initially, we installed SaniGLAZE in a small area that has a high traffic volume. The tile and grout were restored and with regular daily cleaning, that “like new” appearance could be maintained. We have since installed SaniGLAZE in our restrooms, locker rooms, foyers, entry ways, kitchens, and other high traffic areas throughout our campus. We have always strived for a clean and well-kept look, and now we have it.

W. Wise


We at RMPBS Ch 6 in Denver recommend Jay Dee Inc. We have been a happy customer for 4 years now and the building is in a constant state of readiness for public presentation. The janitor employee turnover is low and the management is always a email or phone call away if we ever an issue or a live event that needs staffing. The pricing is reasonable and they are always looking for way to improve the quality of the work. We are also on a routine maintenance schedule for our carpets and flooring surfaces which keeps our building in excellent shape.

T. Dailey

Television Station

No more ugly tile and grout. Our Grand Hallway has been restored to “like new”. The ease of maintenance is amazing and our tenants love it. My recommendation is: Don’t wait, just do it!

J. Williams

Commercial Building

The City of Littleton has had a cleaning contract with Jay Dee Inc. for the last two years.  We appreciate the quality of service that we receive from this family-owned business.  The buildings that they maintain are kept very clean and staff turnover is low, so training time is used as "cleaning time."  Supervisors are always available and have proven to not be strangers, as they periodically call or come in to make sure all is well.  They are also not afraid to get their hands dirty if needed!   We appreciate our relationship with Jay Dee Inc., and look forward to working with them into the future.

C. Denike

City of Littleton

Last fall my floors were in dire need of refinishing. My dilemma was that I did not have the time, energy or money to go through the process of an entire refinish. I was approached by Jay Dee and discovered they had a process which would provide a similar finish for a much more affordable price and less complications for me. The work was scheduled for a time that was convenient for me. Their technicians showed up when promised and worked very hard to get my floors looking beautiful again. They were very polite and respectful in our home and over a year later our floors still look shiny and new!

M. Colaizzi

Homeowner, Highlands Ranch

Maintaining an older building can create some unique challenges. For years we had issues with the appearance of our lobby floor. Jay Dee Inc. did a sample area for management to see. Once they saw the difference, SaniGLAZE was an easy sell. Because if the size of our lobby it took several days to complete the project. The results far exceeded our expectations! Some actually thought we got new flooring! Jeff and Bob offered some additional SaniGLAZE services which I approved. Our goal is to maintain the refreshed appearance of our lobby through the EverGLAZE program.

V. Lardent

Credit Union

Jay Dee Inc. came to us with a new product to maintain our Terrazzo floor in our main lobby. It made it look like new and requires less maintenance. It only took one night and it still looks great months later. This floor is where deliveries come in and the main snowy traffic as well so I am really happy with our results and would recommend this to others needing the same solution.

T. Dailey

Television Station

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