Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the installation take?

This is somewhat of a moving target.  If the area is small, often times we can find a solution that can be completed within 2-3 days.  If the area is larger, installations can take many days to weeks to complete depending on complexity and overall size.

Will I need to move anything?

The more a client moves their existing furniture and equipment the better the installation will go.  While we can get underneath and around certain items, when space is limited, we cannot properly prepare the substrate to receive a coating.  As a result these areas can wear out more quickly.

Are there any odors?

We attempt to use products with little to no odors and no VOCs.  Extremely fast curing options often have some odor and the client is made aware of this when choosing such an option.

When can I move my equipment back / start using the floor again?

Typically we ask the client to wait 24 hours minimum, and 48-72 hours before allowing water to dwell upon the surface to avoid damage to the new floor before fully cured.

Are there any color options / do the different colors increase the cost?

There are many, however color choice does not impact price.

How long will the floor last?

It depends on the chosen product and the compliance of the client with the outlined maintenance practices.  Even the simplest of coatings can last many years if properly cared for.

Is there any routine maintenance needed?

Yes, all floors require some level of maintenance.  We train the client how to care for their investment.

Can we do the installation in sections?

Sometimes, yes.  However, the more sections the project is split into, the more mobilizations are required.  This factors heavily into pricing and can significantly increase the project price and scope.

Do you work at night?

Yes we do.  On smaller projects we can usually satisfy this request.  However on larger projects, more coordination is needed.  Thus we prefer to install during the day whenever possible so that we can resolve issues that come up when suppliers are open and technical resources are available.

Most coatings, such as SaniGLAZE, the majority of our work is done at night. Commercial coating installation, such as epoxy, urethane, polyaspartic, etc. we prefer daytime due to the complexity of installation.

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