Industrial floor coatings are widely used to maintain and enhance the appearance of concrete floors in offices and industries. They can even be patterned and employed to increase the flooring’s tensile strength, traction, and aesthetic appeal.

Epoxy, polyurethane, and acrylic are some of the most popular types of floor coverings utilized for commercial floor coating in Northglenn, CO. Showrooms, factories, and storage facilities are just a few examples of commercial and industrial structures that regularly use these coatings.


Depending on the type of coating and the specific product used, industrial floor coatings can provide a variety of benefits to their clients. A list of features that are frequently observed in industrial floor coverings is provided below:

Durability: The majority of industrial floor coatings are built to be very long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear, which qualifies them for use in high-traffic and industrial settings.

Resistance to chemical agents: Certain types of industrial floor coatings are made to be resistant to chemicals, oils, and other things that might harm or discolor concrete or granite garage floors. These coatings are often developed for use in business settings like garage floors.

Slip-resistance: Some industrial floor coatings like epoxy floor coating are designed to provide a surface that is resistant to slipping, making them appropriate for locations that are prone to liquid accidents or other damp circumstances.

Versatility: Certain industrial floor coatings allow for the creation of ornamental patterns, logos, and other types of finishes, all of which may contribute to an overall improved aesthetic of the area.

Resistance to UV light: These days, many coatings are equipped with a UV stability feature that prevents the coating from becoming yellow and losing its color if it is exposed to the sun.

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Many coatings contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and release fewer or no hazardous chemicals, making them friendlier to the environment.

It is essential to keep in mind that various coatings will each come equipped with a unique set of features and characteristics. It is recommended to get in touch with the coating’s manufacturer or supplier to confirm which attributes are packaged with a particular product.

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Why Choose US?

Selecting the best business to apply an industrial floor coating can be crucial because the caliber of the installation may have an impact on the coating’s lifespan, appearance, and general performance. Here are some justifications for picking Jay Dee Inc.

Unrivaled Quality

Only the best materials on the epoxy flooring market are included in the product portfolio that the Jay Dee Inc. team has created. Many companies offer “off-the-shelf” solutions, however, most of the time, these solutions are of poor quality and don’t last very long.

Our product lines have a proven track record and have become standards in the industry over many years. Superior products and an experienced workforce are essential for achieving customer satisfaction.


We provide our customers with access to the complete spectrum of textures and collaborate with them to choose which texture best meets their requirements and can be easily maintained over time.

The fact that coatings are impermeable prevents the growth of germs, which could have a negative impact on environmental quality and public health standards. This gives coatings an extra safety advantage. In some places and businesses, this is something that is greatly valued.


Each product has its unique warranty. Others give one, two, or three years’ worth of warranties, while some coatings come with warranties that range from one to more than ten years. We will look for and choose the type best meets your long-term needs.

Low Maintenance

An industrial floor coating is very easy to clean and maintain. After the completion of the project, we make ourselves available to our customers for advice and training to better equip them to manage their epoxy floors.


Jay Dee Inc. provides a comprehensive selection of services and products. We have coatings that are suitable for hot tire pick-up, foot traffic, heavy forklift usage, and anything in between. Our flooring systems are durable and can last for many years even after heavy use.

High-Performance Industrial Floor Coatings

When you install an industrial floor coating, not only will you be protecting your underlying concrete garage floor, but you will also be giving areas that might otherwise seem unfinished a polished appearance. Traditional flooring materials are susceptible to wear and tear, as well as scratches and concrete staining. On the other hand, if you have an industrial floor coating like garage floor coating put on by professionals, not only will it last for many years, but it will also continue to look as beautiful as the day it was placed.

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Are you interested in having a new industrial floor coating installed in your office space in Northglenn? Jay Dee Inc. offers flooring solutions at a very fair price and reasonable time frame. Because of our reasonable prices, you may get the biggest return on your investment if you choose us for industrial coating. We have staff that is both knowledgeable and trustworthy to carry out quality work and an amazing job on any type of concrete floor or wood floors.

With nearly two decades of experience in this field, Jay Dee Inc. has made it our goal to give our clients a level of expertise and attention to detail that they just won’t find anywhere else. If you have any inquiries about industrial floor coatings or would like to discuss a flooring project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.