SaniGLAZE is an ideal choice to make commercial facilities cleaner and more durable. It employs a unique topcoat that deters bacteria and mold and making areas safer. More than just cleanliness, it provides durability, resulting in fewer maintenance needs and cost savings. 

Key Benefits of SaniGLAZE

One of the key advantages of SaniGLAZE is the improvement it brings to the overall cleanliness  of tile surfaces. In commercial spaces with constant foot traffic, maintaining top-notch cleanliness is crucial. SaniGLAZE transforms surfaces by creating a layer that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold, ensuring that these surfaces are cleaner.

In addition to this, cost savings on maintenance can be substantial with SaniGLAZE. The protective topcoat minimizes the need for intensive cleaning products and procedures, cutting down on labor costs and reducing the environmental impact associated with harsh chemicals. 

Maintenance Efficiency and Cleaning

Maintaining a commercial space is no small feat. With SaniGLAZE’s protective topcoat in place, the task becomes much more manageable. SaniGLAZE creates a non-porous surface that significantly reduces the penetration of contaminants, thereby reducing the effort and frequency required for maintenance.

Regular cleaning becomes more efficient as the protective barrier resists stains and prevents contamination from seeping into the pores of the surface. This means less time spent scrubbing, less labor involved, and fewer cleaning supplies needed.

Ongoing maintenance can be a significant expenditure for commercial establishments. This includes both the cost of labor to carry out regular cleaning and expenses related to cleaning supplies and materials. By lowering these costs, SaniGLAZE provides a clear advantage in terms of budgetary management.

Cleanliness significantly shapes customers’ opinions about restroom floors. The prolonged cleanliness and maintained appearance resulting from SaniGLAZE can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the reduced need for frequent deep cleaning and maintenance can lead to significant cost savings for businesses in the long run. 

No Construction and Cost Efficiency 

When it comes to the cost efficiency of SaniGLAZE, multiple factors come into play. By extending the life of your tile surfaces, SaniGLAZE effectively reduces the frequency of expensive repairs or replacements, ultimately saving you significant amounts of money. Imagine not having to undergo a large construction renovation yet renewing your tile surfaces with a new look. 

Why choose SaniGLAZE by Jay Dee Inc.?

At Jay Dee Inc., we understand the importance of creating environments that not only look clean but also promote health and safety. That’s why we proudly offer SaniGLAZE, a revolutionary solution for surface restoration and protection. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled cleanliness and durability for your space. SaniGLAZE is more than just a surface treatment; it’s a transformative solution that revitalizes and protects your tile. Whether you’re dealing with worn-out tile and grout or looking to enhance the longevity of your surfaces, SaniGLAZE delivers unparalleled results. Contact us today!