Office managers and property owners value the innovative appearance and functionality of clean and appealing grout and tile. Unfortunately, if dirt gets into the grout and tile holes, the beautiful appearance is lost. Restoring the floor to its original state can be difficult, but it can also be impractical.

In these cases, the property owner may believe that the only way to have clean tile and grout is to remove and replace everything. It can eat up a large portion of your renovation budget, fill up landfills, and make project scheduling difficult.

What Is a SaniGlaze Process?

A SaniGlaze installation is the best option. It is the most effective and adaptable method for restoring, preserving, and protecting grout and tile surfaces. The SaniGlaze process solves the problem by addressing the aesthetic requirements regardless of the budget of each remodeling project.

SaniGlaze involves a grout restoration process to meet the needs of property owners, building patrons, and property managers. To ensure long-term protection, it begins with a thorough cleaning and removal of contaminants and surface soils. They also remove the existing finishes and seals.

Professionals conduct surface preparation using mechanical and chemical steps. It serves as the foundation for the SaniGlaze restorative bonding processes. The contractors use SaniGlaze proprietary pre-prep products. All the SaniGlaze products, whether it is pre-prep, coating, or prep byproducts, are commonly placed together and developed for tile surfaces and grout joints.

The SaniGlaze process

Whether you want to keep the natural color, original quality, and design of your tile and grout, keep a cleaner and brighter look, or have a new look by selecting one of the different colors, the overglaze extended protection plan has a solution for you.

  • To provide flexible surface preparation, the professionals first deep clean your floor using proprietary chemicals. The SaniGlaze process begins by removing what the grout and tile have absorbed.
  • Grout Glazing Compound is the next step. It is a detailed process and it is applied over the grout lines. The grout glaze is colorized and protects the grout by creating a non-porous surface that no longer absorbs dirt or other contaminants.
  • After applying the Grout Glazing Compound, a protective coating is applied to the flooring. After smoothing the coat, it will take some time to dry.

After the procedure has been completed. Your flooring will look like new, and you will be able to easily clean the entire surface. Make sure to follow the instructions for cleaning up after the process.


grout joints


Why Choose the SaniGlaze process?

Budget – In the construction industry, maintaining tile and grout has been costly and has consistently failed to provide a long-term solution. The SaniGlaze process is a long-lasting and simple-to-maintain solution.

Business –Even after cleaning the tile and grout, the surfaces of your ceramic tiles will remain dingy, odorous, and dirty. It may harm your company’s image. The SaniGlaze process will save your company money on flooring and eliminate the need for costly floor maintenance.

Staff – The grout holes may provide a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Cleaning and sealing the grout will not completely resolve the problem. When your employees are exposed to bacteria and germs for an extended period of time, they will become ill and begin missing work. Employee morale may suffer as a result of being in and out of work.

Because of its bonding technology, the SaniGlaze process keeps the flooring clean and easy to maintain. It will eventually result in your company’s employees being healthier, happier, and more productive.

Facility – Replacing tile and grout surfaces is both costly and time-consuming. The procedure has the potential to degrade the quality of your interior air. The SaniGlaze process protects the floor, and if properly maintained, it can last for a long time without the need for costly floor maintenance or the use of harsh cleaning chemicals on your tiles and grout.

Environment -To maintain a commercial floor, abrasive chemicals must be used, which can contaminate our environment and, in the long run, damage the integrity of your flooring. To care for a SaniGlaze floor, you will only need safe, green, environmentally friendly products.

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The various processes of SaniGlaze give you several options for how the finished floor will look. To achieve a more polished and shinier appearance, you can change the color of your floor using distinct SaniGlaze colors and the floor’s finish.

At the same time, grout and tiles create a floor with numerous small holes; over time, grime and dirt may accumulate inside the holes. The water that finds its way into the holes can eventually be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

When anyone walks and places things on the floor, everything goes down to the ground, making it difficult to come out. As a result, the flooring requires special cleaning to remove the embedded contaminants and grime; otherwise, it will look grimy even if you clean it daily or follow a maintenance schedule.

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