High-Quality Concrete Floor Coatings in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

We Protect & Improve Commercial and Industrial Floors with High-Quality Coatings in Highlands Ranch & Surroundings

Does your plain concrete floor make your business premise look dull? Are your factory floors eroding quickly?

Floors, like walls and windows, have an impact on how a room looks.

But it’s not just about appearances. Floors also withstand daily use and can wear quickly from constant exposure to human traffic. Fortunately, there is something you can do to improve the appearance of your premise’s floors while also keeping them in good condition for longer.

We are talking about professional commercial floor coatings.

Jay Dee Inc. is your best bet for long-lasting floor coatings for your Highlands Ranch, CO, commercial or industrial property. Rest assured that we will do an excellent job.

Who is Jay Dee Inc., Highlands Ranch?

Jay Dee Inc. is a locally owned and operated company with over five decades of experience in the industry. Beginning as a small business janitorial service, the company has grown to include commercial flooring solutions.

As a result, we specialize in creating solid custom floor coatings for Colorado industries and businesses. That means we do not just apply a one-size-fits-all solution to all our customers. Rather, we discuss your requirements, that is, what you hope to solve or achieve with a floor coating. Then we advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Our floor experts not only possess the training and skill needed to handle your commercial project but are also thoroughly experienced, having worked on numerous projects in Highlands Ranch. Over the years, we have built a reputation for quality and consistency. And our work speaks for us. We have worked on hundreds of commercial properties, and our customers have given us rave reviews.

As a company, we keep improving our processes and offerings to stay on par with the industry. So, whatever you’re looking for, we can provide it.

High-Quality, Long-Lasting Commercial Floor Coating in Highlands Ranch, CO

Floors are unquestionably the most heavily trafficked area of a commercial building. They are constantly being walked on, not to mention having things dropped and spilled on them. Sadly, we do not give floors much attention until damage occurs.

But this is precisely why we provide epoxy flooring services. We not only transform your boring wood or concrete floor, but we also add a resilient layer of protection to protect it from industrial contaminants and wear and tear.

Our service covers all kinds of commercial flooring, including:

  • Locker room floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Gymnasium floors
  • Retail showroom floors
  • Restaurant/ kitchen floors
  • Public restroom floors
  • Business garage floors
  • Parking basement floorsAnd much more! We are ready to serve you, no matter your business or industry.


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You Can Never Go Wrong with a PolyAspartic or Epoxy Floor Coating on Your Commercial Premises in Highlands Ranch, CO

So, what features can you enjoy by adding our polyaspartic or epoxy floor coating to existing concrete or other floors? There are multiple benefits that make the investment well worth it.

These are some examples:

Brighter, More Appealing Floors

We will have your dull concrete or granite garage floors instantly brighter and more visible. It will appear as if you have installed new flooring in your building. So, if you are interested in elevating your business or factory appeal, then our service is what you need.

Resistance to Spillage & Damage

When we coat your commercial garage floor with epoxy or polyaspartic, you can bet it will far more resistant to most types of damage. In the event of chemical spills, pressure from the constant movement of people and machines, falling objects, and so on, your coated surface area will remain in place.

Improved Workplace Safety

Our epoxy or polyaspartic coating service will also improve worker safety on your premises by making your floors brighter and rooms more visible. Plus if you want to designate work areas, for example, we can customize them with different color coatings.

Easy & Cheaper Maintenance

For the icing on the cake, our polyaspartic or epoxy floor coating makes your commercial floors so much easier to clean and maintain. As a result, our service saves your business money in the long run.

Why Choose Jay Dee Inc.?

If you are looking for a concrete floor coating service for your business, you, of course, want to be sure you are hiring the best people for the job. So, here’s why we’re the best commercial floor coating company in Highlands Ranch:

Hundreds of Projects & Counting

We have completed numerous polyaspartic and epoxy flooring projects for clients in Highlands Ranch and the surrounding areas. And have consistently received positive feedback and high levels of customer satisfaction. So, be sure that we will make your floors sturdier and more attractive.

Quality Work from Skilled Technicians

We deliver nothing less than a fantastic job that will last for years. So get your factory or business garage floor coated today!

Want to Brighten & Protect Your Commercial Concrete Floors? Get a Quality, Durable Coating for Your Floor Type

If you want to improve and protect your floors from damage, a professionally applied floor coating is the way to go. Your floors will look nice and bright, despite constant daily use. And the best part is that Jay Dee Inc. is here to provide the service, no matter where your business is located in Highlands Ranch, CO. We specialize in polyaspartic and epoxy floor coating systems, which can help you make your concrete surface more appealing, recognizable, and resilient. We’re here to work on your commercial basement floor, new garage floor, factory floor, and much more.

So, book an initial phone call with us to talk about your project and get a free estimate while you’re at it. Call 303-233-3311 right away!