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Bleach Use & Five Tile and Grout Myths
January 19, 2018
Bleach: While bleach has a reputation for being a great all-around cleaner, its value for cleaning tile is a myth. The only thing bleach will do is disinfect. Its ability to remove stains or whiten surfaces compels many people to use it when trying to remove tile and grout contaminants or stains. However, frequent use can eventually weaken the grout’s structure, causing it to become brittle and deteriorate. 

Here are five more common myths:

Myth:  A safe cleaner for tile and grout surfaces are acids.

Truth:  Acids are another standby many people turn to in order to clean tile, but it is problematic. Even though they may be good at cleaning the tile, they are often used at strengths that are too aggressive. They will also damage the structure of the grout over time and can tarnish metal fixtures like stainless faucets and partitions. If you must use acids, use only those specifically made for applications to tile and grout surfaces.

Myth:  Harsh scrubbing with an aggressive brush is the best way to eliminate stains in grout.

Truth:  Definitely a myth. A wire or stiff brush can cause damage to the grout. Using a soft or medium bristle brush with a cleaning solution that emulsifies the dirt is the better option.

Myth:  The most effective way of cleaning a tile and grout floor is by mopping.
Truth:  Yes and no. It all depends on if the mopping is done correctly. It is essential to use clean water to mop, and more clean water to rinse. Otherwise, you are just swirling the dirt around on the surface, and the tile will look dull once it dries unfortunately. If the tile has not been sealed, mop water will eventually penetrate into the grout joints.

Myth:  Leaving soaping water to dwell on tile surfaces promotes effective cleaning.

Truth:  Although it may help loosen the dirt, allowing it to dry is a bad idea. The soapy residue is tacky and will draw dirt like a magnet. Always rinse the tile and grout floor with clean water before it dries.

Myth:  Sealing the tile and grout will prevent future contamination and eliminate the need for any maintenance.

Truth:  No, not exactly. Although proper cleaning and sealing of the tile and grout will reduce the need of maintenance, constant wear and tear will eventually erode the sealer in some areas. This makes it necessary to periodically clean and refresh the sealer. Additionally, routine cleaning and mopping is still needed since, unfortunately, there is no such things as a self-cleaning floor.

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