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January 19, 2018
Bleach Use & Five Tile and Grout Myths
Bleach: While bleach has a reputation for being a great all-around cleaner, its value for cleaning tile is a myth. The only thing bleach will do is disinfect. Its ability to remove stains or whiten surfaces compels many people to use it when trying to remove tile and grout contaminants or stains. However, frequent use can eventually weaken the grout’s structure, causing it to become brittle and deteriorate.  Here are five more common myths: Myth:  A safe cleaner for tile and grout surfaces are acids. Truth:  Acids are another standby many people turn to in order to clean tile, but ...   
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May 20, 2013
Solving Tile and Grout Problems in Healthcare Facilities
Healthcare facility areas constructed with tile and grout flooring, such as public restrooms, patient baths, surgical and lab areas, and food service areas, have always been a maintenance nightmare for environmental services directors and custodial managers.  The maintenance staff is seldom able to keep tile and grout surfaces clean and sanitary (although not entirely their fault) and this can result in serious image problems for hospitals and clinics.  The problem that faces a hospital maintenance staff is that tile and grout flooring (and walls) are, by nature, porous materials. After its initial installation, it immediately begins absorbing dirty mop water, ...   
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February 27, 2013
Flooring Service Specialists
For 45 years we have been known as Jay Dee Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. The name has recently limited the understanding of all our available services. Thus, in an effort to clarify and simplify, we are adjusting our name to Jay Dee Inc. We still offer a full line of complete building cleaning services, including janitorial. Over the past several years to compliment these services we have developed and enhanced our flooring service product line. You may have been the recipient of one or several of these processes and know how truly unique and beneficial they have been for our clients. We ...   
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